What to expect...

When you arrive at the salon' you can, I ask that you wait either in your car or in my outdoor waiting area untill I am ready for you.  Pleasetext me at 262-558-8090 to let me know you have arrived.  

I'll bring you a new guest form to fill out.  This is printed on recycled and seed embedded paper.   You will be able to bring this home and plant it!


When the salon is safe from previous guest, I'll invite you in.  

I'll give you a tour of the salon. 


Then we will go to my station where we will discuss in depth your hair and scalp wants and needs.

We'll come up with a plan for the day and for your future needs.


While washing and styling your hair, I'll educate what products to use and how to use them!

When we finish your BeeYOUtiful service, I'll bring you over to the check out where you can pay with cash, check or credit, book your next BeeYOUtiful appointment and ask to take a fun photo shoot! 


Your New Guest Appointment price is a bit more than your future appointments to ensure enough time to discuss your wants and needs.  

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